What is the best size for a kitchen island?

A statement kitchen island can be a spectacular addition that transforms a kitchen design as well as boosting usability

You will all agree that no kitchen design is complete without a kitchen island at its center. The truth is the island has become the icon of the modern kitchen. This is the 21st-century equivalent of the old-fashioned hearth. And it’s easy to understand why. But let’s talk about what is the best size for your kitchen island.

Size and Placement of the island

Kitchen islands suck space. At minimum, an island should be 

  • 4 feet long (1.2 meters) 
  • little more than 2 feet deep (60 centimeters). 

But on top of that it must also have room for people to move and work around it. 

So, unless your kitchen is at least 8 feet deep and more than 12 feet long, don’t even think about an island. 

What is the best size for a kitchen island?
What is the best size for a kitchen island?

Counter Height

Dual-height islands have a number of advantages. They can create informal eating areas, hide dirty dishes, protect noncooks from splashes and splatters, and make kitchens more interesting. 

Here are the dimensions that make them most useful, comfortable and pleasing your time in the kitchen.

The height of your island’s eating area dictates the type of seating you’ll have: 

  • A 28- to 30-inch-high counter works best with a chair; 
  • a standard-height 36-inch (0.91 meters) counter is served best by a low stool; 
  • and a 42 (1.06 meters) – to 48-inch (1.22 meters) counter requires a bar stool.

Styles for Kitchen Islands

  • Disappearing style

You can make an island nearly disappear to anyone not working in the kitchen by extending the “public” face of the island 4 to 6 inches above the countertop and covering it in the same surface material as the rest of the interior walls.

  • Mimicking style

Kitchen islands that mimic the rest of the room, typically by using cabinets in the same finish and from the same manufacturer, don’t call attention to themselves.

In-Frame Kitchens in Dublin, Ireland
In-Frame Kitchens in Dublin, Ireland

This is an example of kitchen island for in frame kitchen.

Want to talk more about best size for your kitchen island?

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InHouse Craft Showroom in Cherrywood, Dublin 18
InHouse Craft Showroom in Cherrywsood, Dublin 18

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