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Contemporary Wardrobes

Contemporary Wardrobes from InHouse Craft

Bedroom Contemporary wardrobes are one of InHouse Craft’s specialities and we have possibly the largest collection in Dublin. All of our wardrobes offer lots of flexibility and can be adapted to suit any style and space.

Our hinged door wardrobes are at the highest level of precision and design.

Interesting rich colours to modernize your space, make it alive in your home, blend in with all the other interior in the house. In most cases there are several sizes, finishes and even styles of  handles to choose from, as well as the very useful option of customisation.

You will benefit from minimal but rich features, the vast number of colours in the panel finishes and the vast amount of material to make these doors stand out.  We can design fitted wardrobes for those difficult spaces such as under the stairs or below eaves, and our expert team of installers will ensure an exact fit.

Stylish and contemporary wardrobes

to really finish your bedroom of a treat

InHouse Craft stocks a great selection of modern wardrobes that are contemporary and stylish to really finish your bedroom of a treat. If it’s sliding doors or even single door wardrobes that your require, InHouse Craft has it covered.

Anti-scratch soft matt panelling

We use highest quality panelling to make our wardrobes, from anti-scratch glossy to anti-scratch soft matt panelling that you could only get in a kitchen to date. Now we use 18mm panels that make you door very secure compared to anyone else in the market.

The bedroom is where you wake up every morning and fall asleep every night.

Whether you are looking for an effective way of storing large amounts of clothing in a relatively small space, or if you don’t own a closet so you are searching for an alternative way to contain your outfits then our furniture is just what you’re looking for! We offer a huge variety of wardrobes in terms of size, shape, and style.

So many variations to choose from and make your space feel modern!

Wardrobe types


Luxury Wardrobes

Having our own manufacturing facility in South Dublin means we can offer a huge range of wardrobes styles, materials and finishes.


Modern Bespoke Wardrobes

InHouse Craft design and install bespoke fitted wardrobes in Dublin which are made to measure as our customers’ bedrooms vary in layout, vibe and size.


Walk-In Wardrobes

Our walk-in wardrobes are made to measure to be the perfect fit for your home, giving you extra space in your desired room without losing out on storage space provided by the wardrobe.

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